Why Ants?

You may be asking yourself why ants? Why would you ever want to keep ants? After all, they are the small annoying little insects that ruin picnics. However, there is more to ants than just their ability to annoy. They have incredible societies that function like mirror images of our own human society. If you keep ants, you can observe these human-like behaviours up close. You can see a lot more with captive ants than you can by just looking at them in the wild, depending on what set-up you have bought for them. When housed in some set-ups you are able to see every single individual of the colony and their actions. This allows you to observe their interesting behaviours, such as waste disposal, burials for their dead and how they care for their young.

Other than their interesting habits, there are many other great properties. One of these is that they are relatively easy to care for. Once you have set them up in their nest all you need to do is feed them, clean out their waste dump and add escape prevention. Feeding only needs to be done about once a week and the other tasks, are required to be done about once every month. Obviously, like any other living organism, you need to keep them supplied with a source of fresh water. This makes ants extremely easy to care for.

Ants can also be extremely cheap compared to other pets, as you can buy the whole set up on our website for under £16!